American Aluminum Casting Company

Pattern Shop

The pattern shop is the first critical step in the production of castings. A high quality casting can only result from a high quality pattern. American Aluminum Casting Co. has operated an in-house pattern shop since its inception. The Company’s pattern makers have 30+ years experience in pattern construction, molding and machining.  This experience facilitiates the construction of basic and complex patterns from wood, metal and resin from a single sample, drawing or bothAmerican Aluminum engineers also work with CAD or Solid Edge drawing files and interact with each customer step by step as required in order to assist them in meeting their casting requirements.

At American Aluminum Casting Co., meeting customer requirements comes first. The Company has a thorough process for reviewing and understanding Customer requirements. The Company also provides a full range of nondestructive testing to meet critical standards required by the end user. All of this understanding helps American Aluminum meet customer requirements.

When tooling is complete American Aluminum produces and evaluates samples to guarantee that the customer’s requirements have been met. Once sample approval is obtained from the customer, production is implemented. American Aluminum Casting Co., utilizes a disciplined system of process control to ensure that production castings meet customer requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

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