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Sand Casting

Sand casting is the most versatile of all processes used to cast aluminum. Pouring molten aluminum alloy into a sand mold produces a casting. This process is well suited for producing small quantities of identical castings, complex castings with intricate cores, large castings and structural castings.

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Pattern Shop

The pattern shop is the first critical step in the production of castings. A high quality casting can only result from a high quality pattern. American Aluminum Casting Co. has operated an in-house pattern shop since its inception. The Company’s pattern makers have 30+ years experience in pattern construction, molding and machining.

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Die Casting

Die castings are formed by injecting molten metal under high pressure into steel molds called “dies”. This process can provide a wide range of products because close tolerances can be consistently held and metal parts cab be produced efficiently and at high rates of production. The die casting process produces parts that are cost-efficient and highly engineered.

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Permanent Mold Casting

Gravity pouring of molten metal into metal mold produces permanent mold castings. The molds are made from steel or iron and have a casting production life of 10,000 – 120,000 molds depending on the part. When cores are required expendable chemically bonded sand cores are used. This is called semi-permanent mold casting. The size of permanent mold castings can range from 1 oz. to 25 lbs.

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