American Aluminum Casting Company

AACCO Achieves Recertification to ISO 9001:2008

American Aluminum Casting Co. (AACCo). recently underwent its three-year recertification audit from TUV Rheinland of North America, an ANAB-accreditied third party Registrar. As a result of the audit, AACCo was sucessfully re-certified for the next three years. Both AACCo facilities are covered under the certification, which incorporates the following scope:

“Manufacture of Aluminum Castings using Sand Casting, Die Casting and Permanent Mold Casting Processes”

In commenting on the successful audit, AACCo President Bob Hartl said: “It is a testament to the commitment of our Employees to quality that not only was the audit successful, but also no nonconformances were raised!” AACCo must undergo annual surveilance audits by TUV Rheinland to maintain its certification. AACCo’s Quality Mangement System was originally certified in 2009.

American Aluminum Casting Company is a privately-held, family-owned-and-run metalcasting business located in Irvington, NJ. The Company provides high-integrity and commercial non-ferrous castings to a wide variety of industries, with an emphasis on high-quality cast aluminum parts. Utilizing two co-located facilities strategically situated near major highways, the Ports of New Jersey & New York, and Newark Liberty Airport, American Aluminum has earned a reputation for producing high-integrity parts from the simple to the complex in a cost-effective and customer-driven manner.